Accept bitcoin and litecoin payments in minutes


Start accepting BTC and LTC payments instantly. No paper work!

Know your customer is not the rule we use

It's up to the merchant what he/she wants to sell and get bitcoins and litecoins for. You can sell any items you want and those items should be allowed in your country.
You may set the amounts in bitcoins/litecoins or other currencies. If the currency is not BTC or LTC the amount will be converted to bitcoins or litecoins at the market exchange rates.

No set up or monthly fees. Transaction fee is as low as 0.5%. The minimal fee is 0.0015 BTC or 0.06 LTC.

No sign up for buyers. They pay without creating accounts.


Pay with mobile devices

You may accept payments from mobile devices. Consumers can use their ipnones, ipads, androids or any other devices to pay you bitcoins. There is a QR-code at the checkout page to make the payment process more easy.

How to implement

Secure and Anonymous

The payments are anonymous. Merchants can configure their profile to ask for the shipping information if needed. Consumers just need to have bitcoins to pay. They don't need to have an account with BTCMerch to pay for your goods with bitcoins or litecoins..

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a digital currency. You may pay bitcoins to everyone who has a BTC wallet. You can accept bitcoins with our service. Then if you need cash you may convert bitcoins (BTC) and litecoins (LTC) to any currency with bitcoin or litecoin exchange. Learn more

Bitcoin/Litecoin Sandbox

TestNet is an alternative Bitcoin/Litecoin block chain, used for cryptocurrency test payments. This allows application developers or testers to experiment without having to use real bitcoins/litecoins. The real BTCMerch and Sandbox have the same payment logic. The only difference between them is that Sandbox payments go through TestNet. Read more about bitcoin/litecoin Sandbox.


Bitcoin and Litecoin payment solutions for eCommerce platforms: